TireCom van Sensor

TireCom van will measure the air pressure as well as the temperature in real-time directly in the tire. For this purpose, a small and light sensor is integrated into every tire instead of the normal valve. The special valve can be used for tire pressures up to 6 bar. As the sensors are installed inside the tires they are theft-proof.

Mechanical Data
Dimensions Ø (max.) 21.5 mm / h 58 mm
(total length incl. protection cap)
Color silver / grey (anodized)
Operating temperature range -40 ... +85 °C / -40 ... +185 °F
Weight 20 g
Housing Aluminum / plastic
Mounting Cartridge valve for valve hole Ø 11.3 mm
Nut torque 4 ±0,5 Nm
Valve thread Vg 8 according to DIN 7756
Electrical Data
DC power supply 280 mAh / 3.6 V (Lithium battery)
Battery lifetime up to 5 years**
Transmission frequency 868.3 MHz (EU) / 915 MHz (US)
Frequency band SRD (EU), ISM (US)
Range (depending on environment) up to 10 m
Transmission interval approx. 80 s
Transmission attempts in normal operation if no acknowledgement received from display 3
Tire pressure max. 6 bar
Pressure sensor sampling rate 2,5 s
Leave storage mode up to 90 s, at > 0.2 bar
Enter storage mode ≤ 0,2 bar
Pressure / Temperature tolerance ± 0,1 bar / ± 2,0 °C
Duration of sensor teach-in max. 2 min per sensor
Temperature measurement for considering pressure changes in the event of temperature changes (cold pressure)
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TireCom van Display

To monitor the measured data, a graphics display with 3 control buttons will be mounted inside the vehicle. Via the menu a number of settings can be configured, e.g. re- garding the languages and units (bar/psi, °C/°F). If the measured value exceeds or falls below the programmed reference pressure, the display will issue an optical and acoustical warning.

  • TireCom van Display
    Front view
  • TireCom van Display
    Side view
Image of
Mechanical Data
Dimensions Ø 53 mm / d 23.5 mm
Color black
Degree of protection IP 40*
Operating temperature range -20 °C ... +60 °C (normal),
0 °C ... +50 °C (charging battery)
Weight 35 g
Housing Plastic
Mounting (display removable) Gooseneck with suction cup
Electrical Data
DC power supply 5 V ... 12 V (via Micro USB-B female)
Current drain @ 5 V 120 mA (charging battery),
80 mA (charged battery)
Charging battery @ 5 V 1.5 h - 2 h
Power consumption @ 5 V 0.4 W ... 0.6 W
Transmission frequency 868.3 MHz (EU), ISM-Band (US)
Frequency band SRD (EU), ISM (US)
Range (depending on environment) up to 10 m
Configuration Data
Number of tires / axles max. 20 (incl. 2 spare wheels) / max. 5
Representation of pressure, tolerance 1 decimal place, ±0.1 bar
Representation of temperature, tolerance in whole numbers, ±1 °C
Duration of sensor teach-in max. 2 min per tire
Time with no signal until sensor is “missing” 4 min
Alarm “High/low pressure” 0.5 bar > / 0.2 bar < set pressure
Alarm “Tire almost flat” ≤ 0.2 bar
Alarm “Overtemperature” 0 °C bis 120 °C
Set pressure each axle from 1.0 to 5.5 bar
Atmospheric pressure 0.80 bar to 1.20 bar
Display type / Resolution / Contrast Graphic, yellow OLED / 96 x 64 pixels / adjustable
Integrated rechargeable battery Li-Po, 65 mAh / 3.7 V (operating time up to 1h)
Vibration sensor for autom. switching the display on/off
Keys 2 / 1 with integrated status LED
Buzzer for status signals / alarms
Menu languages German / English
Units pressure, temperature bar / psi, °C / °F
Pressure mode (reference for displayed values and pressure alarms) Real pressure / Cold pressure
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Advantages of TireCom van

  • Monitoring of pressure and temperature
  • Directly integrated sensors
  • Real-time measuring
  • Max. 20 tires on 5 axles
  • Easy configuration