TireCom van Complete System EU 4S

Sensors for measuring

TireCom van will measure the air pressure as well as the temperature in real-time directly in the tire. For this purpose, a small and light tire pressure sensor is integrated into every tire instead of the normal valve. The special valve can be used for tire pressures up to 6 bar. As the tire pressure sensors are installed inside the tires they are theft-proof.

Monitoring via a display

To monitor the measured data, a graphics display with 3 control buttons will be moun- ted inside the vehicle. Via the menu a num- ber of settings can be configured, e.g. re- garding the languages and units (bar/psi, °C/°F). If the measured value exceeds or falls below the programmed reference pressure, the display will issue an optical and acousti- cal warning.

Mounting and scope of delivery

TireCom van can monitor up to 20 tires on up to 5 axles at the same time and can be used for vehicles as well as trailers. The TireCom van complete system includes 4 sensors with integrated valve as well as 1 TireCom Display with mounting, USB cable and adapter.


Monitor your vehicle's tire pressure with the TireCom® TPM System in real-time. In the event of a suboptimal tire pressure, a message will be shown on the TireCom® Display immediately.

Reduce costs

Driving with an ideal tire pressure does reduce your tire wear. Furthermore, this may reduce the fuel consumption by up to 3%. That's why it is really worth keeping an eye on your tires


The sensors are installed inside the tires and hence cannot be removed from the outside.

Roll trailer? No problem

Our sensors transmit the data up to a distance of 10 meters. So if you do use a roll trailer you may as well want to monitor its tire pressure, too. How convenient, isn't it?

More safety

Improved driving and breaking behavior for the transport

Sleep mode

Certainly there will be times when you do not drive with your vehicle. During these periods the TPMS falls asleep to save energy (and get some rest). But rest assured, as soon as the engine is switched on or the vehicle moves, our TPMS will wake up.

Fly weights

Not only are our sensors very small, they are also extremely light. That way they do not weigh on your tires.

Designed in Switzerland,
manufactured in Germany

TÜV certified

All TireCom products are
TÜV Rheinland certifed.

Your tires are exposed to enormous forces and so are our sensors. That is why we do enforce the highest quality standards from the initial design stage to the point of the production in one of the most advanced production facilities in Europe.