TireCom van

Monitor your vehicle's tire pressure with the innovative TireCom solution. Our sensors measure the pressure and temperature of each tire and the TireCom van Display will show you the current values.

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TireCom van complete system EU 4S is available for only EUR 249,- via our online shop.

Advantages of TireCom van

  • Monitoring of pressure and temperature
  • Directly integrated sensors
  • Real-time measuring
  • Max. 20 tires on 5 axles
  • Easy configuration
  • Applications

    Whether for your caravan, trailer or van – TireCom can be used in various ways. Here we will show you how to monitor the tire pressure with TireCom van, so that you will reach your destination safely.
  • Van
  • Caravans
  • Horse Trailer

TireCom for OEMs

Integrate with the TireCom solution for OEMs a directly measuring tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) into your vehicles. To do this, install the TireCom Receiver in your vehicle so that our TireCom tire pressure sensors can establish a bi-directional communication.

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Designed in Switzerland,
manufactured in Germany

Tire pressure monitoring to save fuel and drive safely

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) are becoming more important for companies as well as private persons. It is not only about saving fuel, but also about safety. If a tire loses air pressure, the TPMS will immediately inform you, as the tire pressure sensor is able to measure the tire pressure directly inside of the tire. If the tire pressure is always ideal for the vehicle, because of the constant tire pressure monitoring via the TPMS sensor, it is also possible to reduce fuel consumption, which is of course desirable in times of rising gas prices. Who would not want to save fuel with so little effort?

TPMS for vans and cars

The tire pressure is measured via a TMPS sensor and can be monitored by the driver via a display. The consistent tire pressure monitoring can help to avoid accidents and breakdowns. The TireCom TPMS is ideal for use in vans, but also for every normal car. When you have a tire pressure monitoring system equipped, you will arrive safely, protect the environment and save fuel.

Tire pressure monitoring for caravans and campers

If you are driving with a trailer like a caravan or with a camper, the fuel consumption is normally high. By installing TMPS sensors inside of the vehicle‘s tires you can ensure that a consistent tire pressure control will be carried out and thus that the ideal fuel use will always be possible. TPMS is short for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The TPMS sensor will be installed in the tire by your garage via a special valve. You will see: With TireCom van, tire pressure monitoring is fairly easy.